About Tomo Sushi

The Japanese word tomo means friendship. Tomo Sushi brings together different cultures, backgrounds, and tastes to create beautiful, artistic relationships. Based in Princeton, Tomo Sushi strives to bring the best that Asia has to offer to the local culture, infusing authentically Japanese food with a Western aesthetic sensibility, producing nothing short of culinary bliss.

Creation and invention are at the heart of the fusion sushi tradition. Executive Chef/Owner Mark Wu knows this best. Originally from Taiwan, Chef Wu immigrated to the United States in the early 1980s and immersed himself into the powerfully diverse New York City food culture, studying the art of traditional sushi-making under master sushi chef Fukuda. He then founded two successful sushi bars, Obento Delight and Obento Delight II, in New York City, one in the West Village and the other in Manhattan, serving students from NYU and Columbia University.

His restaurants garnered the attention of The New York Times, which featured his delectable seaweed salad. His decision to move to Princeton is yet another example of his desire to pass on the culture of sushi to those who have likely never experienced Japanese cuisine at its finest.

Over the years, Chef Wu has adopted the philosophy that sushi should be about the unique blending of flavors, wedding the exquiste Japanese cuisine with a creative French flair. Experimenting with unique combinations of sauces, textures, and flavors, Chef Wu has created a menu with more than one hundred different items, including twelve lunch specials and several forms of special maki, showcasing his ability to create sushi on par with the best in the industry.

Tomo Sushi values quality. Each dish is made with extreme atttention to the minutest of details. Special attention is given to presentation: the smallest piece of sushi is a work of art. Chef Wu selects only the best fishes, brought in daily from New York City. The portions are generous: Chef Wu refuses to allow any guest to walk away hungry.

Tomo’s philosophy is that great food is meant to satisfy the body and the soul, giving the taster a sense of the amount of beauty the chef infuses in his art. It is Chef Wu’s desire to spread the art of sushi to Princeton, and it is in this quest for friendship that Tomo Sushi invests its deepest commitment and most sincere care.